About DanceMax Studio

DanceMax Studio is the home of Consett's largest freestyle disco dancing school. We have classes of over 80 children and a competition team of 30 who travel the country in search of trophies and titles. We run classes for children from 2 years old, and perform during local events, fayres, demonstrations, competitions, shows and exams. 



We begin at DanceMax by teaching our new beginners PopDance. This is a fun and friendly dance style with which our children can learn to become confident performers and lay a foundation of technique and flexibility. Our PopDance classes are suitable for any child with or without experience in dance.


PopDance Tots is our baby class for the littlest dancers! Ages 2 & 3 years are welcome here to start their dancing journey. Our class is half an hour of fun songs, nursery rhymes, lots of movement and dancing and the beginnings of technical steps like skips, jumps and stretching. They begin to experience a class setting of following rules, taking turns, listening to instruction and being part of a group - all valuable tools to move them forward in their personal development as well as improving their dancing skills.


PopDance Kids is for our older dancers, ages 4 and above. We have 45 minutes of popular, up to date music to get us moving! The class focuses a little more on stretching and steps (specific jumps, kicks and moves) to enable your dancer to move forward. We learn routines to upbeat songs that your child can carry on from class and perform to any audience! This class is friendly and non pressured - if your child likes to perform with us at local shows or parties they are more than welcome to, but it is not required. You can just enjoy the class weekly for fun and progression and make some new friends.



All of our classes are friendly and inclusive - we have dancers of all abilities and will accomodate any child where possible. Please do not hesistate to ask if you think your child may need adaptations or extra help - it will always be provided without any fuss!



DanceMax Studio

6-10 Newmarket Street


County Durham




Call us

Kirstin - 07969137076

Dean - 07805722674


If Kirstin is unavailable to take your call due to teaching or competition feel free to call Dean in case of any important matter.

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